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John Smith is _______ honest man.   中考英语
---____ the Internet _____ in your school? ---Yes , but the computer in…中考英语
The more we know the world, the more (success) we will be. 适当形式填空…中考英语
Most of the deserts ______ to be covered with bushes and trees.中考英语
--______ is the population of the town? ---Over 20 ,000 .And a third of…中考英语
Maths _______ my favourite subject.   中考英语
----Must I finish my homework now, Mum? ----No, you_____.中考英语
George W.Bush encourages the US soldiers to fight _______ their own coun…中考英语
By the time I got to the check-out, I realized that I had _____ my purse…中考英语
What interesting ______! The wrong answer is:中考英语
The man is very ill.A doctor must be ______right now.中考英语
---Have you worked out the problem? ---No, it is ______difficult for m…中考英语
The baby woke up every three hours. (对划线部分提问) _______ _______ di…中考英语
_______ my parents’ help, I begin to catch up _______ my classmates.   中考英语
________ it is getting dark, ______ the farmers are still working in the…中考英语
Things keep ___.中考英语
I am going to have my radio ____.中考英语
The book is said___into many foreign languages.中考英语
We are glad to ___ good progress in our English study.中考英语
____, the invention is useless.中考英语

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